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Can you really live Rent Free?
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We realize that most of you think that it is either impossible or difficult to do this. The fact of the matter is that about 98% of the people out there, both home-owners and renters (regardless of your situation or income) could live rent-free using at least one of the simple methods contained in the book. It's just a matter of knowing how to do it...we make it easy.

My Business Philosophy

Our goal is to show every American alternative methods, strategies and resources that will cover your entire rent, lease or mortgage payment effortlessly. These methods work in every state in the country and several of the strategies will work anywhere in the world.
We even show you simple ways to buy property with no money down and then pay no money at all for several years while you live rent free...even if you have poor credit! You'll also learn how to live rent-free for the rest of your life in any home or apartment you're now renting!


After you purchase the book you'll be able to get regular updates via our free E-newsletter. We'll keep you posted on new methods, opportunties, resources and creative strategies for getting your rent/mortgage paid effortlessly...all this for an unbelievably low price!


"I didn't think that it was possible, but John showed me how to live rent-free in the same place I'd been renting for 3 years! Brilliant strategies." - Jan Camfrey
"I'm a real estate broker and I was very skeptical at first, after reading the book I must admit that 100% of the ideas and strategies are sound...doing it myself now! ...and I'm a homeowner!" - L.G. Lou
"We're now working on setting up a situation wherein we'll never have to pay our mortgage again ourselves by following one of your simple strategies." -Sheila Graham
"Thanks to you I am now living rent-free in a $245,000 home that I just bought! I also bought a copy of your book to give to my relatives who said they're going to be in the streets if I don't let them come and stay with me." -G. Howard
"I was paying $440 per month. I earned to much money for low income housing, but now I live rent-free in my apartment! -B. Johnson
"I started my business and used your advice to set it up so that I would earn enough to pay my lease every month rather or not I got even one customer. Great stuff." -M.Hsu
"I paid $4995 for one of those real estate investing workshops with a very well-known real estate guru (Al Lowry). He was good and I learned a lot. I have no complaints about what I learned because I'm already buying property...with no money down. But I was amazed at all the valuable stuff I learned from John's low-priced course that nobody else out there is teaching. It has totally revamped by investing business. If I had paid 10x as much it would have been well worth the price!" - W.B. Power

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