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How to Live Rent-Free!


My Bills Were Killing Me...Until I Discovered How To Live Rent Free!

49 Simple Ways to Live


or Get

FREE Real-Estate

"I was very skeptical at first...because I had never heard of this before even though I was a real estate sales agent. But out of curiosity I got the e-book "How to Live Rent-Free" and boy was I amazed! Not only is it practical, realistic, effective and simple but I'll admit that anyone could do it...and now, I live rent-free."

"Now I use some of your methods to show my clients how they can slash their rental or mortgage costs down to ZERO and still buy the home of their dreams. I'm doing it myself now... I'll never pay another dime out of my own pocket and I have a $245,000 home! Thanks!"

Patricia M. Lawrence - Century 21 Agent, California


Dear friend,

Suppose that you could learn 49 simple, proven and effective ways to slash your rent or mortgage costs down to ZERO per month! Think what you could do with all of that extra money? What if it was so simple that all that it took was to follow the simple step-by-step instructions given to you and you knew that it would work every single time?

Interested? Sound to good to be true?

Well, it isn't if you have the right tools and knowledge. You see it's really easy once you understand some simple but well-kept secrets about some basic facts about ALL rent and mortgage payments. ANYBODY can do this and it doesn't matter rather or not you rent, buy or lease. There are 49 alternative methods of getting these payments paid every month other than what you're doing now. (Your income doesn't matter at all for 46 of them.)


In 1995 a man named Terrence Dobbs received an eviction notice from his landlord. Terrence knew that it was coming because he hadn't paid any rent in a couple of months. Terrence had lost his job due to corporate downsizing of the late nineties. Later that evening while sharing his problems with a bartender at the local pub, an elderly gentleman overheard the conversation then handed him a napkin that would change Terrence's life forever. On the napkin was written a name and phone number.

"Call John at (213)XXX-XXXX...I'm sure that he can help you out."

Well...without going into all the details here. Let's just say that this phone call led to Terrence not only avoiding the eviction but following the advice and using the info he'd been given he actually bought the entire apartment building! He was able to keep his apartment and he did all of this with no job and no money! Terrence used just one of the 49 methods that you are going to learn in the book "How to Live Rent-Free" by John PRY0R.




"I didn't think that it was possible, but John showed me how to live rent-free in the same place I'd been renting for 3 years! Brilliant strategies." - Jan Camfrey
"I'm a real estate broker and I was very skeptical at first, after reading the book I must admit that 100% of the ideas and strategies are sound...doing it myself now! ...and I'm a homeowner!" - L.G. Lou
"We're now working on setting up a situation wherein we'll never have to pay our mortgage again ourselves by following one of your simple strategies." -Sheila Graham
"Thanks to you I am now living rent-free in a $245,000 home that I just bought! I also bought a copy of your book to give to my relatives who said they're going to be in the streets if I don't let them come and stay with me." -G. Howard
"I was paying $440 per month. I earned to much money for low income housing, but now I live rent-free in my apartment! -B. Johnson
"I started my business and used your advice to set it up so that I would earn enough to pay my lease every month rather or not I got even one customer. Great stuff." -M.Hsu
"I paid $4995 for one of those real estate investing workshops with a very well-known real estate guru (Al Lowry). He was good and I learned a lot. I have no complaints about what I learned because I'm already buying property...with no money down. But I was amazed at all the valuable stuff I learned from John's low-priced course that nobody else out there is teaching. It has totally revamped by investing business. If I had paid 10x as much it would have been well worth the price!" - W.B. Power
Why you NEED to live RENT FREE

We show you how to totally eliminate your biggest monthly expense!


If you could live rent-free it would be like suddenly getting a monthly pay raise of $500, $800, $1200, $1700 (or whatever your monthly rent or mortgage payment is)!
 RENT      x 1/yr       x 2/yr            x10/yr   
$300         $3600      $7200           $36,000
$400         $4800      $9600           $48,000
$500         $6000      $12,000        $60,000
$600         $7200      $14,000        $72,000
$700         $8400      $16,800        $84,000
$800         $9600      $19,200        $96,000
$900         $10,800   $21,600        $108,000
$1000       $12,000   $24,000        $120,000
$1100       $13,200   $26,400        $132,000
$1200       $14,400   $28,800        $144,000
$1300       $15,600   $31,200        $156,000
$2000       $24,000   $48,000        $240,000                                            
$3000       $36,000   $72,000        $360,000


The numbers above represent the money that  you are paying out in rent or mortgages each month. If this money were invested monthly in any interest earning account or investment it would soon began to multiply exponentially. A person paying just $700 per month could soon accumulate over a $Million Dollar$ in just a number of years if this same money were invested successfully. (The length of time it takes would depend upon the amount of interest earned monthly)




Learn how to keep that money in your pocket
and also how to get FREE REAL ESTATE, houses, apartments and raw land using little-known methods, insider secrets, corporate sponsors and special laws that allow _anyone_ to use the governments help to acquire abandoned or mismanaged property with NO MONEY. (I didn't say "no money down" I said... NO MONEY ...FREE!)

Amazing new guidebook shows you exactly how and why ANYONE can live rent-free using these simple but little-known strategies and secrets. Rather you are a renter or a homeowner you'll NEVER have to pay rent or a mortgage out of your pocket again once you learn how easy this is.
This incredible 170 page course will show you over forty nine (49) seperate secrets that you can use to start living rent free, either temporarily or permanently. You can put some of these methods into place within just hours. How would you like to be able to skip your house notes or mortgage payment for 3 to 6 months or even an entire year or two? We guarantee that we can show you how to do this and that you will agree that it is EASY! We even include the 1-page form that you can use to get this moratorium of payments.
How about this one...Buy a house or condo today even if you have lousy credit and NO money down...make NO payments on the home for from 1 to 3 years then sell the house and still put BIG money in your pocket. John's students are doing this every day using these easy to implement but little-known insider secrets and you'll learn exactly how to do the same thing.

Sample methods of acquiring FREE real estate or living rent FREE or  getting FREE commercial property for your business: 

  •  Adverse Possession
  •  Tax Lien Forfeitures 
  •  Creative Subletting 
  •  Corporate Sponsors 
  •  Alternative Structuring 
  •  Long-Term Moratoriums 
  •  Note Modification 
  •  Proxy 
  •  En Vieger 
  •  The _New_ $1 HUD Home Strategy 
  •  Squatters Rights
  •  Credit Card Strategies
  •  Free Salvage Property 
  •  Unclaimed Probate 
  •  Creative Possession 
  •  Alternative Domicile 
  •  House  Moving
  •  Public Domain 
  •  The home-based Non-Profit strategy 
      ...and over 30 other proven legal methods of living rent
     free or obtaining free real estate

You would have to spend many years and spend many, many thousands of dollars at expensive real estate and creative financing seminars to learn just some of this stuff and you still wouldn't learn as much as you'll learn in this complete course on Free Real Estate and living rent-free. (FACT: NONE of those expensive multimillionaire real estate guru's know some of these secrets and even if they did...they wouldn't share it with you ...and you'll soon understand why.)

Skeptical? Read these transcripts from an actual recent phone call:

Stacy: Okay John. Frankly...I'm still a bit skeptical about all this to say the least. You're tryin to tell me that you can show me how to get "FREE REAL ESTATE"? A Free house? You've GOT to be kidding me! Can you give me just one example that I can possibly relate to?

John: Okay. No problem. In fact...I'll even show you how you can get free real estate and actually get paid for taking it!

Stacy: Now I know that's impossible! That's insane!! ...But... I'll hear you out.

John: Let me ask you a question. Are you aware that real estate developers buy land and property then tear the houses down to make room for the new developments that they plan to build on that land?

Stacy: Uh...yes. I'm aware of that. Of course...I've seen it.

JOHN: Are you also aware that the developers must pay someone good money to come in, tear the houses down and haul all the rubbish away which only goes to add more to our landfills and our environmental problems? ...And if the house contains lead paint or other environmentally hazardous substances it can be even more expensive to dispose of.


John: So what if I told you that I could teach you how you could find out about these situations way in advance then go in and negotiate with the developer, the seller or the contractor to allow you to help them with their problem by removing that same house for the same fee...or less. Is that feasible? Do you think that they'd be at least interested in what you have to say?

Stacy: Err...Sure. Why not? If you could help them solve their problem of getting rid of the house? ...Why not?

John: Exactly Stacy. And nobody is going to really care if I come in and take this house and instead of tearing it down and hauling away the rubbish and adding to the environmental problems I instead arrange to come in and have professionals to lift this house off it's foundation and relocate it to another location. In fact...if you use the issue of protecting the environment it's sometimes hard for them to say no to you ...if you know how to approach them.

Stacy: But...Can you do that?

John: Sure's done all the time.

Stacy: ...But I've never seen a house being "relocated" my whole is that possible? How is it done?

John: It's usually done at a time when there is the least amount of road traffic. If necessary they'll divide the house into pieces then reconnect it once it's placed on it's new foundation. But the bottom line is that I can show you how to not only get these houses for FREE, but also the land to relocate them to.

I'll also show you how to get paid for taking these houses and also how to have them relocated without spending any of your own money. The professional movers do all the work and connect the plumbing and electricity so there's really not much that you need to know. It's all in my book "How to Live Rent-Free!" and that's just ONE of my 49 proven methods of getting housing while avoiding mortgage payments or rents.

...I've got methods that you can begin using within just hours of reading about asking for and getting up to 6 months to a year with NO payments due on a mortgage. Rather you live in a house, apartment or condo, rent or own I'll show you a number of secrets like how to get a combination of about 10 -14 (corporations to pay your entire housing cost each month in exchange for listing your address on an important legal form that their company is required by law to provide. (NO risk or involvement on your part).

Stacy: Well... I don't know...that house moving thing sounds unbelievable. Hmm...If you can show me just one house that's been moved like this...I'll buy your ebook!

John: Okay...okay Stacy...I'll email you some examples. But I want you to keep in mind that these houses are going to be demolished anyway by a wrecking company...all you're doing is helping them by getting rid of the house without demolishing it and they will indeed pay you to take this property off their hands. You simply have the house relocated somewhere else and placed on a new foundation. Their are different costs involved in the relocation process but their is NO cost for the property if you use my methods and you can do the whole thing with NO out of pocket expense whatsoever. Yes, you can get paid to take the property and other people will gladly pay any other expenses you have as an investment if you know how to negotiate it with them. That's what I teach.

Below is part of the response that I emailed to her:


Which one of these proven, simple, strategies and techniques for living rent-free or getting free real estate could you use to dramatically change your life?

(Our 170 pg illustrated Instructional Manual and 10  Video's will teach you the following):

  • Learn how to get a 1-3 or even a 6-12 month break from making any mortgage payments by just a simple series of phone calls (to the right person) followed by a faxed form (form included).
  • Get a group of investors to make all the payments on your house for you while you continue to live in itrent-free and keep most of the equity.
  • Get several "room-mates" to pay ALL of the rent on your apartment, house or condo but you never have to meet them in person and they'll never actually live with you.
  • Learn the little-known secrets about state laws regarding abandoned real estate and how YOU can follow the simple, step-by-step instructions we provide to get free houses, apartment buildings, commercial buildings, gas stations or land that has been abandoned.
  • How anyone who lives in certain states, cities, towns, streets or zip codes can use the internet to find persons or corporations willing to pay you to use your address although they'll NEVER actually visit you. (ex: 10 clients paying you $75/month each will cover your $750/month rent.) You could locate these 10 clients and get started all in one day!
  • Step-by-step instructions for sub-leasing condos, townhouses or apartments and getting other tenants to pay 100% of the rent while you live rent-free.
  • Several ways that ANY tenant living in a combination commercial/residential zoned district can live rent-free quickly and easily.
  • How to sell your house, get paid but continue to live in it rent-free for the rest of your life.
  • Learn several methods that any renter can use to start living rent-free immediately in any apartment.
  • How to easily acquire property for free before it goes to the state when elderly persons die with no will or known heirs. (Happens all the time).
  • How to locate property scheduled for demolition, acquire it for free, have it relocated to another location and rent it out or sell it all without spending a dime of your own money. (Step by step instructions).
  • How to buy two 1-Bedroom condo-apartments for $45,000 each (monthly payments as low as $305/month apiece) rent one out for as much as $700/month to cover both mortgages and live in the other one rent-free.
  • How to turn ANY home into income property and get the new tenants to cover 100% of the mortgage costs plus the costs of the conversion.
  • Over 2 dozen beautiful vacation resorts nationwide where you could get free lodging for up to 6 months at a time.
  • How to convert a garage or build onto any house to create income property and get the new tenant to pay for the cost of the conversion and the entire mortgage on the property.
  • How to operate a commercial business in prime locations without spending one dime of your business income on rents or leases.
  • How to acquire office space in nice commercial buildings without spending a dime on rents.
  • How to sell your house, get a lump sum payment or a monthly income from it for life while you continue to live in it rent-free for the rest of your life!

In addition, you will also learn the following little-known tricks

  • 6 Facts you must know before you pay your next rent, lease or mortgage payment
  • A simple technique for getting free rent in hotels, motels and lodges
  • How to get Free 
    •  vacation lodging all over the world using a little-known technique of locating property owners willing to let travelers stay for free at their vacation homes, condo's and cabins.
  • How to use a unique and free alternative to hotel, motel lodging that is available all over the world.

Okay.  So What's the Cost For This Incredible Resource of Info?

Well, surely by now you realize that this collection of reports and techniques could easily save you hundreds of thousands of dollars after just 30 years of living rent-free. John could charge as much as $500 for a 3-hour workshop or $5000 for a one-on-one consultation.

But we are not going to charge you anywhere near what we could charge. In fact, your total investment for all 49 money saving, rent, lease, mortgage payment eliminating methods is just $39.95. (The money you'll save on even your very first months rent or mortgage will be 10-20 or 30 times this amount).

So what's the catch? Why am I practically giving away these secrets if it's really so powerful and valuable?

Well, it's really quite simple. Since you're accessing this directly from the Internet I have no inventory and fulfillment costs. I don't need to pay anyone to take the orders over the phone (though you are welcome to call me at 323-513-2909 to rest assured that we are real people and will answer any questions you may have about the products.) This way we can pass along our cost savings to you. So you win and we win. - Bob Johnson


Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: Can your guides really show me how to live rent free regardless of my current situation.

ANSWER: Yes, absolutely. We will introduce you to amazing opportunities to live rent free either in the home, apartment, or condo that you currently rent now or even in a much better place. 

QUESTION: I’ve checked and I just haven't seen any rent free living opportunities in my area. Why is that.

ANSWER: They are all over. They are in every state, every city and they could be in your little town as well. Obviously you can't expect to find people placing ads inviting you to live in a house, condo or apartment for free. With our guides you'll learn how to set up these situations using our creative concepts and usually a mutual benefit to all.

QUESTION: There are numerous business opportunities, MLM schemes, internet biz’s on the net…is this just another scheme promising to teach me something that seems impossible?

ANSWER: NO…absolutely not. If you want to actually live rent free this course WILL give you dozens of ways to do this and everything is explained to you in detail. We've already shown you pictures of houses being moved just to show you the idea. We show you how to easily make arrangements to get property that is scheduled for demolition (happens all the time) for FREE and also how to make arrangements to get them moved without spending ANY money out of your own pocket! And that is just ONE of the 49 methods you'll learn.

QUESTION: But are their places that I can just go and visit for free ...without having to pay hotel or cabin fees.

ANSWER: Certainly. On this page we also show you a few places that you could live for free for a few months at a time. It's just a matter of having the info and using it. A great way to take a vacation I would say.

QUESTION: Are you actually telling people that they could even live rent free in the house or apartment they've been renting. 

ANSWER: Yes and No. Yes, it is possible but of course every situation is different. Even if you can't do it where you currently reside you could still use other methods to do it somewhere else.

QUESTION: Well what about you? Do YOU live rent free? Do you practice what you preach?

ANSWER: Yes indeed. I currently live in a 5 bedroom $600,000 house in a very nice neighborhood with my wife and 2 kids. I own it so there is a mortgage payment. It is paid every month like clockwork because that is how I set it up. However it is not paid by me.

QUESTION: What type of housing situations does this info work in?

ANSWER: The answer would be houses; apartments; condos; yachts; mansions; hotels; commercial real estate etc. 

QUESTION: You claim that you will teach me a lot of “little-known secrets”…that sounds good but what type of “little-known secrets” can you teach me that I can’t learn somewhere else?

ANSWER: Some of the info is available from a variety of sources and in different places. Usually not in enough detail for you to actually go out and actually use it. But a lot of the information is just NOT available anywhere else at least not in print form. I came up with a few of these methods myself and have tested them out with various people so I know that they work. Some of them are simply so creative and original that I don't think you'll EVER see them anywhere else ...unless someone copies what I've included in this course. That is a fact. 

QUESTION: What is your personal background and why should I believe that you have a lot of great insight, knowledge, tips, resources and data that I really can use to learn how to live rent free?

ANSWER: You are certainly free to pursue this knowledge any way and with any resources that you can find out there. But what we have done is taken quite a number of time over the course of over 12 years and compiled the most powerful manual on the concept of living rent and mortgage free that’s ever been published…at any price…anywhere. If there was anything even remotely comparable ...I'd know about it.

QUESTION: Are there really very many of these jobs out there or just a few?

ANSWER: Great question. There are literally thousands and thousands of employment opportunities that fall into the category we are discussing here. Many of these jobs are with some of the single largest employers in the world.

QUESTION: Why do I need your guidebooks? Why I can’t I just research the info on the internet myself.


Go ahead. Be my guest and good luck. Just keep in mind though that in order to find something ...anything it has to first be available to find. You should be able to tell even from this web site that I've compiled a LOT of material, researched it and organized it all in a way that is easy to follow and will actually work for you. I believe in the step-by-step approach to teaching. Also, since I developed a lot of these concepts myself and have combined some known info with original and unknown material it truly is just impossible for that effort to result in anything other than disappointment and frustration.

QUESTION: Why are you selling it so inexpensively then?

ANSWER: Simply because I can. I've sold it successfully for much more both online and off. But with the current recession, so many people out of work, the current foreclosure and housing crisis, this is my way of giving back and besides. I'll do just fine with the volume of sells we get. I'd much rather sell it at a price low enough so that the most people can afford it than to sell it for what it's worth when I know that many people would not be able to afford it.

QUESTION: What if I don't like it or don't think it's as good as you make it sound.

ANSWER: No problem. It comes with a full money back guarantee. No questions asked. Just say you didn't think it was what you expected. Now what could be easier than that? You see, even the few that have asked for a refund even praised it and used words like "awesome" "amazing" and "very well organized".


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Below is just a sample of some of the pictures and my response to Stacy just to show proof and evidence that this was the real thing.

A house in Murietta California prior to the relocation


The same house after it's been lifted from it's foundation, placed on trailers and staged for reloca

ANYBODY could potentially get these homes for FREE if they knew what I will teach you

Another house in the process of being relocated

How much more evidence do you need? These houses will either be demolished or YOU can relocate them!

Although the cost for moving houses like this then reinstalling them somewhere else can run into several thousands of's mere peanuts compared to the value of the house that you're getting for free and I'll show you how to get a moving company that will do this for NO money up front. For a house valued at over $200,000 your expense may be less than $20,000 and even that doesn't have to be paid up front. You can also get the land to place these free houses on for free OR if not free...then at least payment free. ('re also getting PAID to demolish or take the house in the first place.)
ANYBODY can do this...or any other of my 49 methods of living rent free or getting free real estate. Your money...or lack of it, or your credit...or lack of not even an issue when you follow my instructions. (I learned this stuff the hard way but you don't have to. Get my course today and see for yourself just like Stacy did and many other satisfied students.)

Product Info

With my method you'll learn how to locate these houses that are scheduled to be demolished for FREE. Get these houses (or apartment buildings) for free, have them moved, relocated to new land, re-established with plumbing, electrical, etc. ALL without spending any of your own money!)

If you're an investor or even a wanna-be investor just imagine how you could jump start your investment career if you knew how to get insider advanced info on construction projects where existing homes and apartment buildings are going to be demolished, acquire these properties for free and even get paid to take them. 

Then have them relocated to another property site, reburbished and renovated, then rented out or re-sold all without using any of your own money or credit? It's done all the time and nobody else is teaching it. That's just part of what you'll learn in my complete, detailed step-by-step course.

(With my method you'll learn how to locate these houses that are scheduled to be demolished. Get these houses (or apartment buildings) for free, have them moved, relocated to new land, re-established with plumbing, electrical, etc. ALL without spending any of your own money!)


And house moving is just one of the 49 strategies that we will teach you for living rent free or obtaining FREE REAL ESTATE!
You prefer somethingsimpler that you can do quickly to start living rent or mortgage free right where you live now ...before your very nextpayment is due? Then Download the eBook course now and we'll show you that to.

Places that you can Live Rent Free

Using some of the methods in the book, you can actually live ANYWHERE rent-free. On this page we've posted just a few of the actual locations that will welcome visitors on vacation for from 2-3 weeks to 6 months or more.

In addition to getting your regular residence RENT-FREE. We'll give you all the specific details on many vacation spots like these that you can stay RENT-FREE for from 1-2 months to 6 mos or even a year. You'll also learn how to go to vacation spots like Hawaii; Las Vegas; Florida; California and foreign countries and get RENT-FREE lodging at hotels, motels and resorts.


Lake Forest, IL
January-April; May-December. Est. 1980. Residency. Peaceful environment, FREE RENT, and uninterrupted time for work. Length: 2 weeks-2 months. Applicants: Writers, photographers, artists, and composers. # Accepted: 12/session. Facilities: Private rooms/studios, library, and community rooms. Location: Estate 30 miles north of Chicago.


Saratoga Springs, New York.

Year-round. Residency. Working community; guests are expected to have reached a serious level of commitment in their fields. Length: 2 weeks-2 months. Applicants: Writers, visual artists, photographers, composers. # accepted: 200 peryear. Facilities: Private bedroom and studio. Costs: NO fixed charge; voluntary $20/day contribution is encouraged but is NOT required. Stipend: None. Location: 400-acre estate.


Peterborough, NH
Year-round. Est. 1907. Residency. Promotes the arts by providing a place where creative artists can concentrate on their work. Length: 6 weeks; 8 weeks maximum. Applicants: All disciplines. Facilities: 32 studios. Sliding scale of fees based on ability to pay. Location: 450-acre complex.


Santa Cruz, California

RESIDENT PROGRAM Woodside, CA April-October. Est. 1979. Residency. Work on independent or collaborative projects. Length: 1-2 mos. Applicants: For accomplished or lesser known writers, artists. # accepted: 50/year. Facilities: Artists' House. Admission Policies & Costs: Costs: Residential grant: provides FREE lodging, FREE meals, FREE studio space. Location: 600 acres in foothills of Santa Cruz Mountains; 1 hour from San Francisco.


Residency Cottages at State Park in Washington 
ARTISTS RESIDENCIES September-May. Est. 1978. Residency. Non-profit arts and education organization; also sponsors workshops, festivals, performances, conferences. Length: 1 month. Applicants: Writers, visual artists, architects, dancers, musicians, and actors. Facilities: 2-3 bedroom cottages. Costs: NONE; FREE housing & stipend provided. 

Stipend: PAYS YOU $300. Location: On the grounds of State Park.

Complete How to Live Rent-Free Course


You will receive this entire course in the form of an ebook and also a bonus audio download covering specifics aspects of the course so that you can listen and learn even as you drive or relax at home.

Click on the image to the right or the link below to order now!

Your Complete Step-by-Step detailed and Illustrated Course Includes:

  • 177 Page Instructional Manual                    - Teaches you 49 methods                               
  • 10 Video's                                                 - Walk You Through the Steps 

How much does all of this cost?
You would expect to pay several hundred dollars for this level of detailed, thoroughly researched, professionally written, illustrated and produced material. (And if you don't purchase it today then you will).
But rest assured...if you return to this site in the near future you may be surprised to see that the price has been raised closer to it's intended price which is at around $199.
At just $39.95 .(...which you will save many times that amount on just one month of rent-free living) this is as close to STEALING as you can legally get!
WARNING: This newly discounted price was posted just a few weeks ago. We will ONLY be offering this rediculous test price for thenext few days then the price shall be reverted back to it's original price of $109.95...(at which we've sold many copies in the past) after that we will increase it to it's intended price of $199. (If you doubt this at all then just bookmark this site and you will see for yourself that you have missed out on what is possibly one of the best deals on the internet today. Don't miss out on this opportunity!

QUESTIONS?: You may call (323)513-2909
between 5:00am - 10:00pm (PST)
About the Author
John is considered by many to be the most knowledgeable person remaining in the world on the subject of "creative freebies". He has authored several reports, courses and seminars on the subjects of creative strategies and getting things for free. John has spent countless hours and thousands of dollars as a student of real estate and investment gurus such as Al Lowry; Ron LeGrand; Dr. Richard Powellson; Donald Trump; Tom Vu; Mark Haroldsen; Robert Allen; Russ Whitney; Wright Thurston; and numerous others. But his real breakthrough on the subject of methods of getting things free came as a result of meeting an elderly Bohemian (now deceased) who had spent his entire life obsessed with studying and researching ways to avoid spending money while living a lucrative lifestyle. This educated but eccentric old man had practiced frugality and "freeloading" almost as a religion his entire life and taught John everything that he knew. You simply will not find many of these methods anywhere else at any price. Instead of paying thousands of dollars for one of his seminars you now have the rare opportunity to learn these secrets (for a limited time only) for an unbelievable low price.

            Unlike many of the other eBook authors out there who just put eBooks together, John is, in addition to being an expert on this subject, also an actual author who writes professionally and has authored other books in print format. He has authored over a dozen books on various subjects and has a down to earth style that makes his material very easy to follow and learn from. This eBook course is also professionally illustrated, typeset and formatted. No expense was spared to bring you a quality product that far surpasses many of the other eBooks that appear to be just "thrown together". -ASK Publishing Company
Landscaping: How To

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Other Creative and original Real Estate related Bonus secrets that you'll learn with this course and special reports:
  • How to get free airline tickets just for paying your rent or mortgage
  • How to turn your present living situation into a rent-free arrangement (rather you are buying/renting or leasing).
  • A brilliant but simple Creative Financing Strategy that allows any renter or buyer to pay their rent or mortgage for up to one year even if you are flat broke, have ZERO monthly income!
  • An amazing simple technique that will allow you to afford the home of your dreams right now even on a limited budget. Example: (If the monthly payment is $1100 but you can only afford $600 you'll learn 2 simple but brilliant strategys for covering the remaining $500 each month without relying on your income.)
  • How to find motivated, desperate sellers who will give you the deed to their homes for no money (now or later). 
  • How any renter can use little known methods of slashing their rent payments by 50% to 100%
  • How to get the government to purchase a home for you or make the monthly payments on one even if you can't afford to rent it.
  • Secret rights that your landlord hopes that you never find out
  • A brilliant creative method that any renter can use to get 'roommates' to cover most or even all of the rent on an apartment or condo or house rental (and you'll never have to meet them, give them a key or access to the apartment.) 
  • How to sublet an apartment or condo that you're renting to a corporation getting them to pay 100% of the rent ...and you still get to live there...alone!
  • How to rent an apartment or condo in a big new complex, find just 5 new tenants to move in and live there rent free.
  • How to make money on real estate even if there is NO equity in the property when you buy it
  • How to take over ANY mortgage with NO credit qualifications (even if there is a "due-on-sale" clause.)
  • How to get paid just for letting people or companies use your mailing address
  • How to legally take over the title to abandoned real estate without paying anything for it
  • How and where to find more potential real estate deals than you could possibly handle
  • A simple plan for paying off a home in as little as 7 years (and not even using your own money to do it!)
  • Easy ways to locate partners who will provide the money and/or credit to buy as much real estate as you want and never have to worry about making payments
  • How to get other people (investor/partners) to pay the entire mortgage on your home every month in exchange for just a part of the equity and the tax write-off.
  • Why you should NOT refinance real estate (regardless of the fact that lenders will suggest that you do) and how you can still lower your interest rates and payments withoutrefinancing! (They're already pretty mad at us for letting this cat out of the bag).
  • Why your real estate can be a great investment that other investors would be willing to invest in
  • The real estate raffle method of selling real estate. Using this simple strategy you duplicate the results of others and earn as much as $400,000 on a $100,000 home with NO risk.
  • Why refinancing real estate at lower interest rates may look like a great thing to do but will actually cost you many thousands of dollars in the long run and how you can still get lower rates without losing your shirt.
  • Why you should never take title to property in your own name and how to use a "land trust" instead.
  • How to get free real estate using tax lien certificates
  • 12 ways to buy real estate when you have poor credit
  • How to travel almost anywhere that you want to go in the world and never pay for a hotel room or suite
  • How to get an office suite in a commercial building and never pay a dime for rent or a lease
  • How to operate a retail business rent-free in a mall or shopping plaza
  • Two magic "insider" words that will get you as much as a 50% to 75% discount at some of the nicest hotels in the world.
  • A simple way that renters can get their rent payments reported to the credit bureaus, build up their credit score and make it easier to qualify to buy a home with each rent payment.
  • And much, much MORE!...


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