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LEIMERT PARK ............. African Village Marketplace


Welcome to the official Leimert Park African Village web site.

The popular Leimert Park area of Los Angeles California is one of the most unique culturally rich African themed communities in America where the word community still means something.

We are excited that you are visiting your web site. Our company is here to provide a popular community resource that supports and promotes local community business, residents and patrons of Leimert Park.

On this site you'll find information about activities, events, businesses, African centered cultural activities. We hope you will find all of the information you are looking for and will consider visiting or relocating your family or your business to what has been described by KTLA TV as "the number one "COMMUNITY" of any race in all of Los Angeles".
Leimert Park Village is emerging as one of Los Angeles' premier African-American cultural centers and commercial districts. More festivals are held in the park at the center of the village than in any other community in Los Angeles, and the village is home to more than 125 businesses.
The Leimert Park Village, bounded by Crenshaw Boulevard, 43rd Street, Leimert Boulevard and Vernon Avenue, is a pedestrian-oriented shopping core offering goods and services with an Afro-centric theme. A haven for artists, poets and musicians, the Leimert Park Village stands as a tribute to the success of businesses owned and operated by African Americans.

In the area of cultural enrichment, the Leimert Park Village is unique with art venues, daily music performances, as well as dance and theatre workshops.

To start the morning out, grab a sweet morning treat and a cup of coffee at Lucy Florence Coffee House (4305 Degnan Blvd.; 323/293-2395). Come back later in the evening for live music, comedy and spoken-word.

Looking for the right piece of African fabric? African By the Yard (4319 Degnan Blvd.; 323/291-1517), specializing in fabric from all over Africa, is the place, for your special craft, quilting project or for a special garment to wear.

Just a couple doors down, the Dance Collective (4327 Degnan Blvd.; 323/291-1538) offers workshops in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Cuban/Brazilian and West African Dance with live drummers and musicians. Some days, the overflow crowds onto the sidewalks as the dancers and musicians continue well after the class has ended.

A few doors south you'll find a real cultural experience. The Museum in Black (4331 Degnan Blvd.; 323/292-9528) houses more than 1,000 objects of traditional African Art and a special collection of black memorabilia.

As you stroll further south along Degnan Boulevard, experience fine art at Gallery Plus (4333 Degnan Blvd.; 323/296-2398). As you enter the warmth of the gallery, you'll find a large collection of original, limited editions, sculpture/figurines, books, cards and other unique collectibles.

Across the street you will find Sika (4330 Degnan Blvd.; 323/295-2502) a master jeweler with distinctive handcrafted jewelry, nose piercing, African clothing and imports. Many of his jewelry fashions are made of amber, silver and cowry shells.

Next door you'll find Venusian (4332 Degnan Blvd.; 323/298-9229) a unique boutique of European African flavored design. Included in this shared shop is, It's Here (4332 Degnan Blvd.; 323/292-9321) - all the great things of yesteryear. Here you will find a unique collection of vintage clothing.

Enjoy the perfect African American experience at Zambezi Bazaar (4334 Degnan Blvd.; 323/299-6383), a fabulous collection of ethnic jewelry, beautiful rare clothing, posters, black greeting cards, stationary, and CDs. Also explore the rare out of print black historical section.

Hungry for lunch? To experience some of the most delicious BBQ entrees LA has to offer, swing by Philip's BBQ Carryout (4307 Leimert Blvd.; 323/292-7613). Once you get lunch, enjoy a picnic at the recently renovated Leimert Plaza Park (bounded by Vernon Ave., Leimert and Crenshaw boulevards and 43rd Place) designed in 1928. The park not only serves as a gathering place for the community, it is also a City of Los Angeles Historic Monument. A beautiful water fountain is set in the center of the park grounds. Restrooms are located in the park.

Right across the street from the park, you will find the Sandwich 'N Sweet Shoppe (3347 W. 43rd Pl.; 323/293-6348) specializing in tasty lunches and dinner sandwiches for under $5. Try the delicious Salami sandwich or Lemon Meringue Pie.

Also for your seafood palate, try Zydico (4305 Degnan Blvd.; 323/295-0666) for lunch or dinner specializing in Cajun wings and other tasty dishes.

For south of the border cuisine, try Chapala's Restaurant (4317 Degnan Blvd.; 323/291-1004) offering delicious sandwiches, tacos, the best chicken soup in town and a wide range of Spanish and Mexican food.

Now that you've had a taste-full experience, are you ready for more shopping? Stop by Ora Lee and Bubba's Books (4337 Degnan Blvd.; 323/296-2398) to stimulate the intellectual mind. Choose a book from the bookstore and step into the Reading Salon for a moment of pleasure. Specializing in a wide selection of books ranging from children's literature to the latest novels.

Left your shades at home? Don't worry, stop by the Leimert Park Eyewear and Art Gallery (4339 Degnan Blvd.; 323/294-3229) for fashionable styling and quality sunglasses (traditional or trendy). They stock the hottest shades in town.

Do you have a need to find the unique gift? Then African Colour Scheme (4341 Degnan Blvd.; 323/298-9837) is the place for one of a kind custom attire, male or female. Patterns and fabric range from Kente Cloth to Mud Cloth and much more.

Across the street, venture into a local artists' studio, "Ramsess" Glass (4342 Degnan Blvd.; 323/295-3600). Here you will find remarkable creations composed of stained glass and mosaic. This accomplished artist has many originals, prints, calendars and greeting cards for your enjoyment.

Go to the end of the block at 43rd Place make a left go eastbound to Eugene's Creative Designs (3343 W. 43rd Place; 323/296-5985) for a vast array of African items, and a great selection of period African American ceramics.

Go westbound across Degnan Boulevard to checkout Ahneva Ahneva's Design Network International (3419 West 43rd Place; 323/291-2535). The haute couture of African Design, try on this designer's originals or special order a piece that truly defines your style.

Next visit Culture Shock Boutique (3415 West 43rd Place; 323/291-6042). This unique shop has a nice supply of authentic African clothing and hand bags.

Ready for an authentic dining experience? The Elephant Walk Restaurant (4336 Degnan Blvd.; 323/299-1765) presents California-French cuisine that serves exotic dishes as Elephant Tusk with garlic mashed potatoes, saut»ed mushrooms, baby corn, and bell peppers in a light curry sauce with saut»ed shrimp. During the warmer months, choose to dine outdoors to not only enjoy the summer breeze, but to catch the sounds of live jazz and drum beats as nightlife in the Village comes alive.

For casual dining, stop by Nectar (3349 W. 43rd Place; 323/296-8710). A restaurant and coffee den for eclectic tastes, a wonderful interior space, two levels with ambient music, healthy edibles, quenchers and poetry.

After dinner explore the nightlife Leimert Park Village has to offer. Sit down and enjoy a great cup of coffee or tea and partake in a chess game, with the relaxing sounds of live jazz at 5th Street Dick's Coffee Company (3347 West 43rd Place; 323/296-3970).

For live music, poetry and performances, stop in at KOAS Network (4343 Leimert Blvd.; 323/293-4303) to enjoy Hip Hop and videos. Hear live Blues nightly at Babe Rickey's Inn (4339 Leimert Blvd.; 323/295-9112). Or, the World Stage Performance Gallery (4344 Degnan Blvd.; 323/293-2451) for live performances and spoken-word. Also in the area you will find the supper club, Regency West (3339 W. 43rd Street; 323/292-5143) for theatrical performances and comedy, call ahead for schedule.

Annual Events:
  • LALA Festival & Parade (February) 213/694-1499
  • African American History Month Celebration (February) 323/294-3229
  • JMP Jazz and Blues Festival (June) 213/473-4269
  • Juneteenth Emancipation Day Celebration (June) 323/293-6274
  • Annual Leimert Park Jazz Festival (September) 213/960-1625
  • Holiday Tree Lighting (November) 323/294-3229
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    Leimert Park Plaza
    The Communities Popular Meeting Place

    Afrikan Crafts and Gifts
    Authentic Afrikan artifacts

    Vision Theatre
    Help keep this icon in the community

    Kumasi Gift Shop
    Authentic one of a kind African gifts

    Museum in Black
    See original artifacts of black American history and the era of slavery

    Lucy Florence Coffee House

    Leimert Park Gallery
    African based Art Gallery

    Kaotic Sounds
    Rap and hip hop open mike and demo stage

    Academy of Martial Arts
    Black Karate Federation school of discipline

    Leimert Park Fountain

    Drummer and Kid


    Park scene


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