FREE HomeOwners Financial Assistance Program


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If you are having a problem meeting your mortgage payments then we have several programs that may assist you.
Mortgage Relay
We will take over your mortgage payments for you and allow you to opt out of making the payments in order to avoid the embarassing, credit destructive foreclosure process. It does not matter to us rather or not there is equity in your property...in fact we prefer it when there is NO equity in your property or even if your mortgage is upside down. (You OWE more than the property is worth)
We have several solutions to help you to solve your problems.
I Buy Real Estate...ANY condition,
I'm the one to call if nobody else wants your property because it's butt ugly, has ZERO equity or even if you owe more on it than it's worth. Don't despair. I want the deals that nobody else wants!
We take the property that nobody else wants!